Her sound is as elegant as her slender model like frame. Both her voice and her frame try feverishly to match the level of her beauty. Her bright and bubbly personality only aid in shaping the lovable and talented person that she is.
Unlike the proverbial stories of others in the music world, Shara does not have a deep history in music that dates back to her childhood. Though she did formal voice training during her teen years, she never took a career in music seriously. That is until she turned 20. “It was like an epiphany” she says. “This is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and I couldn’t fight it.”

Fast forward a few years and Shara is waist deep in an uber promising singing career. Her voice is silky smooth. You can almost feel her words as they ride on the notes when she sings. Perhaps what makes her even more special is her uncanny ability to harmonize any lead melody within seconds of hearing it. Thus many of her songs not only feature her as lead vocalist, but have her own harmonies. “I love harmonies. My music is filled with harmonies. It makes everything complete.” Besides her distinct Anguillian accent, it is not hard to tell that Shara is a Caribbean girl at heart. Her eclectic mixture of R&B infused soca, zouk and island-pop is stamped with her own distinct flare and style. Shara is a self confessed experimenter and plans to use her voice to collaborate with artists of all genres. “I absolutely love it when artists known for different genres collaborate and the song is a winner. I am definitely not afraid of experimenting with my music.”
Coupled with her fervor for music, is Shara’s love and ability to dance. Not only does she love dancing, but she is an assistant choreographer at a dance company on her native Anguilla. “Dancing adds so much to soca and zouk music, it completes the package. One actually seems strange without the other in soca and zouk.”
Exciting, bubbly and blessed with a warm and satiny voice. Shara is bound to take her place on both regional and international charts.
Label: Blu Symphony Entertainment
Publisher: Blu Symphony Publishing (BMI)

Radio Kariba le novembre - 30 - 2012
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